Part of St. Hugh’s character is bound in the church’s historical past.  Originally a small group of people met in a workmen’s hut for bible study and prayed earnestly for a church in this area of Northolt.  They petitioned the diocese and in 1957 a hall (now the church hall) was built with permission for it to be consecrated and used for services.  There are still a few members of that original group in the congregation today.  The duel-purpose hall was let out for parties and receptions and jumble sales were held to pay for the running of services.


The congregation grew in number and passion for a proper church also grew.  Their prayers were answered and in 1971, the present building was consecrated and that original vision of a church in this place was realised.  Until 2005, St. Hugh’s was part of the Parish of St. Mary, Northolt with St. Richard’s but following an act of parliament, was given permission to leave that Parish and operate independently, within a defined area but linked to St. Joseph the Worker in Yeading Lane.  St. Hugh’s is in the process of becoming a parish but benefits currently, from the freedom of being able to ‘do the God bit’ but without many of the constraints of being a parish.