The little ones are the light of the world

At St Hugh's our Sunday school and Youth club is run weekly with a family service once a month. Dedicated members include Mason, Angela, Laura, Simon, Samira, Amira and Michelle who provide weekly teaching from 'The Grid' curriculum which is engaging, fun, yet packed full of the Word of God. This curriculum has been meticulously chosen as it provides children of any age and ability a chance to engage, unpack big concepts of God and the world we live in. 

Youth club is run on various Saturdays or after Sunday service, giving a chance and flexibility to parents to attend or work around our childrens' schedules, ensuring we all meet up and have fun. Whether that's going out to have a sports day, go cinema together, play games or just a causal hang out, we regularly provide some much needed together time.

Additionally, our worship leader Garbriel, provides lessons and actively encourages youth to learn any instrument they wish. This is again provided after Sunday service whilst we all have tea and coffee, keeping it flexible and easy, as we all know how daunting it is to attend a lesson. By keeping this free, open environment, children have an opportunity to take advantage of talents provided at their own pace for as long as they need. Many of our youth have been encouraged to play the worship songs during the service and have improved greatly after just a few open sessions. After all, we do this for the worship of our Lord therefore, it's all run on Love. 

Sunday school and Youth club is an essential place for our beautiful, talented and bright children to feel nourtoured to grow, play and shine in a place where they can call home. They are all great friends and there is nothing more beautiful than to see our children before our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Capital Youth is just one of many projects supported by the Church of England’s Renewal and Reform programme, aimed at creating a growing Church for all people and for all places.